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In this rapidly changing world, the gemstone bathtub with its unique design and noble materials become a touch of luxury light in life. This bathtub is not only a piece of home art, but also a luxurious experience for the body and mind.


The gemstone bathtub is made of semi precious stone / gemstone materials, such as amethyst, malachite, ruby,crystal, etc., emitting magnificent colors and unique textures. Each gem is like a masterpiece of nature, injecting a aura and vitality into the bathroom.


Compared with the traditional bathtub, the gem bathtub pays more attention to the comfort of the touch. The surface is smooth and delicate, so that you can linger in the water, as if you are integrated into a pool of crystal clear gems. Sit and lie in it, feeling the warmth and tranquility conveyed by the gemstone, creating an extremely relaxing and private space.


Custom luxury:
The luxury of the gemstone bathtub is not only reflected in its material, but also reflected in its customized design. You can choose the type, color and arrangement of the stones according to your personal preference, making each bathtub unique and perfect for your unique pursuit of life.


Gemstone of life:
The gemstone bathtub is not only an ornament, but also a treasure of life. It sublimates the bathroom into an intoxicating space that allows you to find a moment of peace in the midst of your busy life. Every bath becomes a luxurious treat, allowing you to find inner peace in the glow of the gems.


The pursuit of excellence, welcome luxury, choose a gemstone bathtub, let your bathroom become the epitome of noble life, let luxury throughout your every beautiful moment.


Gemstone Bathtub

China Custom Rose Quartz Bathtub,Backlit Pink Crystal Bathtub Manufacturer Supplier & Factory manufacturer

Custom Rose Quartz Bathtub,Backlit Pink Crystal Bathtub Manufacturer Supplier & Factory

Product Name: Backlit Rose Quartz Bathtub
Material : Natural Rose Quartz
Size  : Customized Size and Shape
Surface Finish:polished
Packing:Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet