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Is it better to use marble or semi-precious stone slab for the background wall?

Is it better to use marble or semi-precious stone slab for the background wall?

shengyao shengyao 2021-12-17 10:44:08

Most people like to use marble as a background wall. There are many styles of marble and a wide range of choices. In addition to marble can be used to design the background wall, what other stone slab can be used for the background wall?
The answer is a semi-precious stone background wall, a new popular stone background wall. Shengyao Gemstone, ,the natural gemstone slab manufacture china, who is specialize in natural luxury Semi-precious stones background wall panel. It produces as many as a dozen kinds of semi-precious stones slab, which are very popular with designers.


The semi-precious stone slab made of natural gemstone and semi-precious stones as raw materials, and then carefully pasted on the substrate through professional techniques. This unique feature allows semi-precious stones to form their own core advantages and competitiveness, refreshing people's life experience. The semi-precious stone culture has then leaped and sublimated, leading a new era of furniture decoration and providing new design elements for interior design.



Semi-precious stones factory price

The gems used in semi-precious stones slab are the main raw materials of the jewelry industry. Because of their scarcity and preciousness, they have natural and unique colors, majestic textures, high hardness, high gloss, firm and delicate touch, and crystal-like jade. In short, semi-precious stones slab effect is amazing and magnificent, which makes people can't help but stop and admire it. It is not only suitable for high-end interior decoration, such as hotels, clubs, bars, private mansions, etc., but also suitable for high-end furniture and other finishes.Each semi-precious stone slab is "only similar, not identical, unique",So its value is very high, much higher than marble, it is a work of art. If you want to know more about the price, welcome to consult.