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Blue Agate Gemstone SlabBlue Agate Gemstone SlabBlue Agate Gemstone SlabBlue Agate Gemstone SlabBlue Agate Gemstone Slab

Blue Agate Gemstone Slab

  • Size:1220*2440mm/custom size and shape
  • Material:Blue Agate slices
  • Thickness:20mm/25mm/custom
  • Weight:50-60KG/square meter
  • Packing:Safe wooden case

Blue Agate Gemstone Slab


(blue agate Gemstone Slab)


Size 1220*2440mm/custom size and shape
Material Blue Agate slices
Thickness 20mm/25mm/custom
Weight 50-60KG/square meter
Packing Safe wooden case


Agate is polycrystalline, with glass and oil shiny surface, natural texture and smooth, gradient color brings strong sense level, distinct bands, while agate is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, since ancient times treat as a talisman , amulet, a symbol of friendly love and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, sewage and other negative energy, the flexibility that will help business growth, strong financial resources. (Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, India, Argentina )(Backlit)


(blue agate Gemstone Slab)


The blue agate slab is made of natural agate slices, and the surface adopts high-strength polishing technology, which is smooth and delicate. Since each piece of raw material is natural, the entire gemstone slab is unique. The unique texture has been favored by many designers, and it is a unique artwork.



Shengyao Gemstone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality semi precious stone slab in China.We are a quality Gemstone Slab factory and semi precious stone slab wholesaler.

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