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Unique Gemstone Slab - Red Emeralds Slab

Unique Gemstone Slab - Red Emeralds Slab

shengyao shengyao 2021-12-16 16:01:17

The Red Emeralds Slab is made of natural Red Emeralds slices, and the surface adopts hight strength polishing technology, which is smooth and delicate.  Since each piece of raw material is natural, the entire gemstone slab is unique.  The unique texture has been favored by many designers, and it is a unique artwork.



Everyone must have heard the names of ruby and emeralds, but have you heard of red emeralds? I believe many people have never heard of it. Today, let’s talk about the red emeralds. What is red emeralds?

Red emeralds gemstone are relatively rare natural gemstone. Red and green (and black and white, etc.) co-exist in a gem. The red is permeated with green, and the green is with red. It is a gem with a unique natural color and texture in the universe. People admire the magic of nature.

The green epidote is the original stone of emeralds. If it grows to be green and transparent, it becomes the emerald seen in the jewelry store. It is a rough stone that is symbiotic with rubies and mixed with rubies, while the black dots are black. Tourmaline.Several kinds of gems co-exist on a stone, is it unique?

Although the rubies and emeralds on the red and green gems have not developed to a completely transparent state, the red emeralds are still a very rare and beautiful stone.Each type of gem has its own effect. What is the effect of red emeralds?



Rubies can replenish blood qi and heal cold hands and feet. Emerald can increase courage and self-confidence for people who are shy, timid, and introverted. The king of green color light, with huge energy, can be used as amulets.Effectively relieve eye fatigue, help clear up your mind, relieve tension and stress.red emeralds can strengthen their judgment and ability to deal with things, which is conducive to career development.
In addition, the green light of red and green treasures can also play a role in enhancing financial resources.

The red emeralds correspond to the heart chakra, which can strengthen vitality and prevent villains from murder and slander. Enhancing willpower will help carry through and achieve goals.

In terms of value, the more red ingredients are, the more expensive they are. In terms of aesthetics, everyone likes it differently, so whether a ruby or emerald in a ruby has more ruby or emeralds depends on your hobbies and clothing collocation. There are not too many pure red and pure green ones. Recently, red emeralds have also become popular in interior decoration, with lighting, which is a different visual impact.