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2023 Interior Design Semi Precious Stone Decorative Material Recommend

2023 Interior Design Semi Precious Stone Decorative Material Recommend

shengyao shengyao 2022-11-04 10:45:11

There are many types of semi-precious stone slab,So which semi-precious stone slab will be popular in 2023.Here we recommend 5 semi-precious stones slab.

1.White Crystal Quartz Slab
White crystal slab is made of natural crystal, white simple and generous, suitable for most styles of decoration, is a relatively popular semi-precious stone slab. Can be backlit to create a transparent effect for use on kitchen islands

2.Blue Agate Gemstone Slab
Blue is very popular in stone slab, so is blue agate slab.The blue agate gemstone slab can be applied to the background wall in a large area, which is very distinctive. It can also be used on furniture and countertops. Compared with other blue markets on the market, the price of blue agate slab is very advantageous, but the decorative effect is not worse than other stones

3.Green Malachite slab
Malachite slab is an extremely luxurious semi-precious stone slab, and the combination of brass can make people feel like they are in a palace, and it is the best choice for villa decoration.

4.Purple Fluorite Slab
Purple fluorite slab is a relatively mysterious semi-precious stone decorative slab. The full purple color makes it meet the aesthetics of most people and can be used on background walls and furniture.

5.Rose Quartz slab
rose quartz slab is a warm-toned semi-precious stone decorative slab, pink, which is romantic and can be used on most minimalist decorations. rose quartz slab can be made into furniture and background wall, full of light luxury.