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Backlit Agate Floor Application Case,Agate Floor Manufacturer & Factory

Backlit Agate Floor Application Case,Agate Floor Manufacturer & Factory

shengyao gemstone shengyao gemstone 2024-01-11 15:43:37

Agate is a kind of unique semi-precious stone material, with good light transmission, beautiful grain, rich color. These unique materials make agate not only used as jewelry, but also used as a high-end decorative material in interior design. The transparent nature of agate is widely used in interior design, agate slab can be used as backlit background wall, backlit floor, backlit furniture, backlit countertop,backlit bar, backlit kitchen island and so on.

Today, I will give you an analysis of some cases of agate slab used in backlit flooring.

Compared with ordinary marble or transparent stone, agate has good recognition and stands out in many designs. In the use of transparent floor, can bring a unique visual effect to the space. As we all know, agate is a variety of colors, the use of different colors of agate in different styles of design can match many design styles, but also to create a unique new style. The use of backlit agate floor in the dining room can sublimate the atmosphere of the entire space.

Agate floor in addition to the advantages in appearance, practicality is also very good. The density of agate is relatively high, so even if it is used on the ground, it is very durable and not easy to scratch. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance is also necessary, you can use a soft mop and neutral detergent to clean the floor, and regular maintenance work.

If you also like transparent stone, you can consider this backlit agate, please contact us to understand more details


(Backlit Green Agate Floor)


(Backlit Pink Agate Floor)


(Backlit Blue Agate Floor)