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Semi-precious stone floor installation construction method

Semi-precious stone floor installation construction method

shengyao gemstone shengyao gemstone 2023-12-26 16:22:46

Semi-precious stone floor installation construction method

First, ground base treatment:
Before the installation and construction of the luminous ground layer, the base should be cleaned. After the treatment, the surface of the base should be smooth, no water, dry, and enough slots (about 20mm height) should be reserved to ensure that the ground can be kept flat after the placement of semi-precious stone plate and light guide plate. Finally, remember that the four sides can be pre-placed wire light source line.

Second, material preparation:
The selection of semi-precious stone and light guide plate as the main paving materials, first of all to ensure that the dry material can not have moisture or moisture, then ready to measure the ruler, glass suction cup, light power supply (wire type light guide plate factory all good).

Third, installation construction:
1.The first step is to lay the light guide plate directly on the completely flat ground. When handling the light guide plate manually, pay attention to moving it sideways to avoid breaking the light guide plate. Then, divide the wire and power supply to the four sides to reserve good positions and then match the power switch.




2.The second step is to lay the semi-precious stone plate directly on the light guide plate, the ground needs to be smooth, manual handling gemstone plate should pay attention to the side as far as possible and pay attention to the weight safety, the large size of the board with suction cup handling is less labor and safer, as shown in the figure below:



How to seal tiles and light guide plates?
1. Can we buy any size of floor? make 50×50cm size
Yes, 50x50cm size is okay, but we suggest 100x100cm.

2. The light underneath has the same size as the tile above?
The light guide plate can be same size as the tile, but actual solution, the light guide plate factory will give to us at that time. 
For example, if 50x50cm tile, we can also do 1x2m light guide plate(then a ight guide plate can place 8 pieces tiles).

3. How can we seal every tile with the ones around?
We usually suggest customers use glass glue to seal.

4. How we seal the plate of light underneath?
Refer the below pictures.