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How To Use The Gemstone Agate Slab?

How To Use The Gemstone Agate Slab?

shengyao shengyao 2022-10-27 11:49:46

Agate slab is a semi-precious stone slab made of natural agate. The surface is polished with high intensity, which
perfectly presents the natural grain of agate. The grain of each piece of agate is unique and cannot be duplicated.So
how should such a special agate slab be used?

The most used scene of agate slab is the background wall,You can make it transparent and Solid,The solid effect can
better show the natural grain of agate, as if people are in nature,Touch with the hand, the natural breath from the
fingertips to the heart.The backlight effect can show the unique color of agate, as if entering a sea of colors,
experience a different color space.


Agate slab is applied at furniture above also be present popular trend.The independent small side table can bring out
the uniqueness of agate, which can be noticed at a glance in the vast crowd.The integrated kitchen island better
explains the continuity of agate,From one side to the other, the excess is so natural that it creates the illusion
that it is one body.The light shines through the countertop,Rendered into the color of agate on the face,As if to see
the forest, mountains, running water.When the Tyndall effect occurs, light has a shape. Then the agate countertop has
a light-transmitting effect, which means that nature has a definition.

Stepping lightly on the translucent agate floor is like stepping through the jungle, crossing the ocean, and climbing
the mountains.Light gives agate another life form, it is romance, luxury, nature and color.