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Lapis Lazuli, The "Nobleman" In The Forgotten Mysterious Stone

Lapis Lazuli, The "Nobleman" In The Forgotten Mysterious Stone

shengyao gemstone shengyao gemstone 2021-12-14 11:02:32

Lapis lazuli slab is a unique semi-precious stone slab, which is mostly used on background walls and furniture. It is also a decorative material that many designers like to use. Today I will introduce lapis lazuli to everyone.


Seven thousand years ago, a unique and bright blue stone was mined. It has been loved by everyone and has not changed.This cyan stone is lapis lazuli, with a very old history of use.

From ancient Egypt in North Africa to Babylon in West Asia, to China in East Asia and the Mediterranean region in Europe, mankind has forged a deep bond with this star-like lapis lazuli during the cradle of civilization and inherited it. Many civilizations and essences.


Lapis lazuli is an opaque or translucent blue, blue-violet or blue-green semi-precious stone, and its main components are sky blue and calcite.

It presents a unique and bright blue color, with a smooth surface, fine texture, and glassy to waxy luster.

Lapis lazuli has unique blue, dark blue, light blue and light cyan colors, etc. According to the subtle differences in color, it can be divided into three types:
Those with dark blue and thick but not black are called "green gold";
When the content of dark blue and pyrite is more than that of lapis lazuli, it is called "Jingleang";
Light blue and white calcite (generally not containing pyrite) are called "growth stones".
As a kind of ancient jade, lapis lazuli has won the love of the world with its quiet and dignified ultramarine blue.The popular color of 2021 is exactly the classic blue that resembles the lapis lazuli color.Nowadays, decorative panels made of lapis lazuli are also very popular and have a wide range of applications.