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The Most Colorful Mineral In The World--Fluorite

The Most Colorful Mineral In The World--Fluorite

shengyao gemstone shengyao gemstone 2021-12-15 10:47:21

Fluorite is a very popular mineral,Fluorite gemstone slab is a popular decorative material, the most used is purple fluorite slab and green fluorite slab.  It is a semi-precious stone slab with unique texture.

(Purple fluorite slab)


Fluorite (CaF2),is a colored mineral composed of calcium and fluorine under visible light and ultraviolet

light.Fluorite naturally exists in all colors of the spectrum. It is one of the most colorful minerals in the mineral industry and enjoys the reputation of "the most colorful mineral in the world".

Fluorite in nature often shows bright colors. Pure fluorite is colorless. Common colors are light green to dark green,blue, yellow, purple, gray, brown and so on.


(green fluorite slab)


Fluorite is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, and chemical industries. It is the main source of fluorine in industry and an important raw material in the field of new materials. Fluorite resources are unevenly distributed all over the world, with the most abundant resources in South Africa, Mexico, China, Mongolia and other countries.

Most fluorite specimens have a single color, but a large part of fluorite gemstones have multiple colors, and these colors usually correspond to the shape of the crystals, which are distributed in regional bands. Some fluorites are very dark in color, especially in the large structure crystals that fluorite often forms. Part of the coloring of fluorite is caused by hydrocarbons, which can be removed from the sample by heating.

Fluorite is a very popular mineral, purple or violet is the classic color of fluorite, usually comparable to amethyst, mysterious and noble.Fluorite is also widely used in building materials, and it is a very popular semi-precious stone decorative slab.the most used is purple fluorite slab and green fluorite slab.