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What is a agate slab?agate stone slab price?

What is a agate slab?agate stone slab price?

shengyao sgemstone shengyao sgemstone 2022-01-15 15:02:38

What is a agate slab?agate stone slab price?


As we all know, agate is a semi-precious stone that can be used to make jewelry, decorations and other items. Have you ever thought that it can be made into a slab and decorated on the wall.

What is a agate slab

Agate slab is a kind of semi-precious stone decorative material, which is a relatively high-end semi-precious stone slab. Most of them are used in the decoration of villas and high-end clubs. Agate slab has many colors, the most common are blue, gray, red, green, yellow, purple, blue agate slab is the most widely used.


The agate slab can also match the lights to make the effect of light transmission. It is dazzling in the dark and is a very popular light-transmitting stone slab.


Agate stone slab price


As a semi-precious stone slab, the price of agate slab is higher than that of ordinary marble, but the specific price is absolutely determined according to the quality of the selected material, as well as the size and shape of the customized slab. For example, the fuller and bluer the color of the blue agate slab, the higher its price. Custom shaped slab are more expensive than standard size sheets.


We are a factory specializing in the production of semi-precious stone slab in China, and we have certain advantages in terms of technology and price. In addition to standard size gemstone slabs, we also support customizing various special-shaped gemstone slabs, countertops and furniture, welcome to inquire.