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Amethyst Gemstone Slab WholesaleAmethyst Gemstone Slab WholesaleAmethyst Gemstone Slab WholesaleAmethyst Gemstone Slab WholesaleAmethyst Gemstone Slab Wholesale

Amethyst Gemstone Slab Wholesale

  • Size:1220*2440mm/custom size and shape
  • Material:Natural amethyst
  • Thickness:20mm/25mm/custom
  • Weight:50-60KG/square meter
  • Packing:Safe wooden case

Amethyst Gemstone Slab Wholesale


(amethyst slab)

Amethyst ingredient is silica,hardness 7,the proportion of 2.65,the refractive index of 1.54-1.55,with dichroic.From different angles, you can see the?blue or red, purple tones,usually made ofhybrid or stepped facets.Amethyst usually have natural ice cracks or white clouds impurities. Amethyst gemstone values areproduced with the volcanic rocks, pegmatites, or limestone, shale crystal cave. Amethyst widespread in the natural world (origin: South Africa, Madagascar) (Backlit)


Size 1220*2440mm/custom size and shape
Material Natural amethyst
Thickness 20mm/25mm/custom
Weight 50-60KG/square meter
Packing Safe wooden case


(amethyst slab backlit)

Wide range of application scenarios for amethyst slab,For example, amethyst gemstone quartz slab is used in scenes such as background walls, sinks, furniture countertops, floors, etc.


(Amethyst slab is used in fireplaces)


Shengyao Gemstone is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality semi precious stone slab in China.There are dozens of semi-precious stones slab wholesale.

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